1. In the event of an incident, injury or emergency, related to DIBS foster dog, I will, to the best of my ability, first address the situation to prevent exacerbation and then will inform DIBS (Christine or Candice) no more than 30 minutes after the situation occurs.

2. I shall notify DIBS if any fostered dog is sick or has sustained an injury. If a veterinary visit is necessary, I will be referred to a DIBS partner vet. All charges to the veterinarian must be approved by DIBS.

3. Costs associated with any illness or injury to my foster dog that is due to my negligence or neglect, as determined by the DIBS veterinarian, will be charged to me.

4. I shall notify DIBS if any foster dog in my care is in need of routine veterinary care so that is can be provided in a timely manner. DIBS will be responsible for veterinary care and expenses that occur during their initial rescue. If a veterinary visit is necessary, I will be referred to a DIBS approved vet. All appointments/tests/expenses must be approved by DIBS.

5. Any dog that I foster will only be fostered by me and I will not remove the dog from my primary or secondary residence(s) without prior approval from DIBS. This includes work trips, vacations, moving to other fosters, etc. If I plan to go out of town, I will inform Christine or Candice at least one week in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

6. My foster dog must be kept leashed at all times, while outside: a slip lead or a leash attached to a harness making sure it is securely attached. Dog will have collar with identifying tags on at all times. DIBS will not be responsible or liable for any damages a DIBS dog may cause while in the park or injuries or damages that may happen while in the park.

7. I agree that the dog will reside in my home, will be kept on a leash at all times outside of the home and watched closely when the doors and gates to the home are open. I will not keep my foster dog outside all day or all night and I will not confine the dog inside for long periods of time during the day. The foster dog is not to be housed outside or in a kennel run. I will keep the foster dog indoors when the family is away from the home. At no time will the dog be placed outside tied up. They dog may not be left in the car for short or large periods of time.

8. I shall provide adequate care to any dog that I foster by providing food, fresh water, shelter, exercise, and attention.

9. I shall return all foster supplies to DIBS upon the end of my fostering position so that they can continue to use the supplies for future dogs.

10. DIBS protocol must be followed for the processing, screening, and approval of all adoption applications. I will not accept or process applications without them first being approved by the DIBS team.

11. I will not release the foster dog to the adopter until DIBS has given me permission to do so.

12. I understand that DIBS and its volunteers have no way of predicting or guaranteeing the actions, behavior, or disposition of any dog that is placed in my care. I understand that although every effort has been made to assess the temperament of the dogs rescued by DIBS, dogs are independent living animals and may act unpredictably in any given situation. I shall every precaution to prevent accidents and guard against unpredicted actions by any dog that I foster. I understand the dog’s behavior might also change.

13. I am fully aware that fostering through DIBS or volunteering for the rescue has known and unknown risks and may carry potential of injury, loss of property and physical harm.

14. I agree to promptly surrender and deliver to DIBS any records, materials, equipment and data of any nature pertaining to my volunteer services, and I will not take with me any description containing or pertaining to any confidential information, knowledge, or its clients which I have produced or obtained during the course of my volunteer services.

15. I agree to keep confidential and not to disclose information, which was gained during my volunteer services. In particular case records, mailing lists, fund raising or any subject matter pertaining to any dealing of the DIBS Rescue, it’s volunteers, veterinarian help or its applicants and adopters.