How our adoption process works

1.  DIBS typically gets several applications per dog.  We do start with the earlier ones received (apply early!) and will review several.  We need to ensure that the home and the dog are a good match for each other
2.  Once we decide on an application, the screening process will begin!  We will do a vet reference check, a phone interview with the applicant, and contact 3 personal references.  *We will not schedule any meet & greets until stage 2 is complete. While we know applicants want to see if the dog is a fit for them, we also want to ensure the applicants are a fit for that specific dog.
3.  Once step 2 is completed and approved, we will arrange for a home visit, where a volunteer will visit the applicants home to meet the entire family. Foster families have the option of arranging meet & greet at this stage.
4.  If step 3 is approved, you will be approved to adopt!

Our adoption fee is $550/$650 (over/under 8 months of age).  This Includes spay/neuter, vaccinations and travel expenses from Mexico.  Once approved to adopt, payment can be sent via etransfer to (cash and paypal also accepted)

Please note – sometimes we get many applications for one dog.  While we may like the application, the family may not be a fit for the specific dog – or someone equally great, just applied earlier.  You can email to have your application directed towards an alternate dog:  no need to fill out a new application.

DIBS is 100% volunteer based – we are very efficient, but please note, that timelines of these steps can vary based on availability of volunteers.  Please feel free to check in with us!
Please be kind to our volunteers:  they are working hard for a common goal.

Be sure to take the time to complete the application in full.  Any missed info, may result in other completed applications taking priority.  We will follow-up my email, so please watch your inbox.
Adopting a rescue dog is a serious endeavour and should not be considered as a spur of the moment decision. Your application is our method to get to know you  the best we can, so we ask that you provide us with the most accurate information possible. Please note that these questions do not have right or wrong answers, but are a way for us to verify that the dog you have selected would be best suited to your home and lifestyle.  Take a moment to consider your answers.
We ask that the person who is financially responsible for the care of a dog, be the one to complete the applications (sorry kids!)


Application Form: 

Please read a dogs bio on our site to see if you are a potential match!

To keep your info secure, we have now included a new captcha step.  Once submitting your application, please look for the confirmation page and the image of a dog with a thumbs up.  You will also be cc’d on a copy to the email address provided (so if you didn’t receive it, neither did we)
– this is the final step, and if you see this, your application has been submitted!    You will also be cc’d on a copy to the email address provided (so if you didn’t receive it, neither did we)