• Plan for approx 10am pickup.  Arrive early to get “ready”. Pickup details below
  • Get your stuff from Alanna & Donna (this is at waiting area…walmart lot)
  • Get your car set up – Tractive, blanket, dog tag, car clip, etc
  • Wait for your turn.
    • The waiting part won’t be fun.  Bring water, nibbles, something to amuse you. Times are approximate, as we are dependent on customs.
    • Kayla or Christine will use group messenger chat to let people know whose turn it is. While we like to be polite, we found last time, stuff was fast and furious, so if you just see us say your dogs name, with no other instructions, know that your dog is being uncrated.
    • If you need to borrow a travel crate, let us know in advance
  • Once your turn is up, drive to Dogtopia for pickup.
  • Ensure your mask is on – have your rear door or hatch opened
  • Christine will clip the dog into your car.  Alternatively, if you have a crate in our car, ensure it’s ready to go!
  • You will need to attach tag and tractive to the collar. If you have a backseat person, super, otherwise drive to a diff part of the parking lot and using all of your yoga moves, twist around in your car to attach. Ideally, you can do all of this in your enclosed vehicle, without opening the doors.
  • If we forget to give you your vetting, ask for it. Put it into your DIBS bag (you need to scan/photo and send copy to with dogs name and “vetting” in the subject line)
Flight Details:
  • Expected landing time 6:45am! Customs opens at 7am.  Assumption that customs will take approx 3 hours
  • Last time, customs took 3 hours approx.
  • Pick-up time approximately 10am – Mississauga @ Dogtopia (1840 Argentia Rd, Unit 1B, Mississauga)
    • Waiting location is offsite:  Walmart 2ND Parking lot, BEHIND BUILDING (1940 Argentia Rd, Mississauga – Mississauga Rd & 401, 2nd parking lot after Mississauga Rd on right hand side going eastbound on Argentia)
  • Leads: Kayla & Christine
Behind the Scenes Plan:
  • Renting temp regulated trailer to move dogs from airport to undetermined location (not being mysterious – no location selected yet). There will be 3 rescues receiving dogs.  DIBS is receiving 32.  DIBS dogs will be crated separately.
  • Find indoor space to unload trailer to
  • DIBS will have approx 16 crates of dogs
  • DIBS responsible for own crates, etc.
  • Volunteers:  Olivia (Vetting), Donna & Alanna (Foster Bags & Food), Dan & Justin (Crates), Kayla, Christine & Ruth (Dogs)


  • Foster bags for all fosters and FTAs (Foster to Adopt). Contains seat belt for car, Ren’s cards, toy if we have, treats if we have, DIBS blanket. See Donna/Alanna to get your bag first thing. Don’t set it aside!  Take out your green seat belt clip, your DIBS tag, your blanket (for the car)
  • Dog food:
    • Providing dog food for foster families
    • We ask that FTA’s purchase their own preferred food.  This will help keep the dog’s feeding consistent, vs changing food post travel.
      • Please read up on DCM before choosing a food
      • Arya has an allergy to poultry products
      • There will be a $25 voucher for Ren’s that you can use to supplement this expense
  • Crates:  Many fosters prefer to have a crate for over-nighting.  We will have 16 crates arrive with the dogs. These will need to be returned to Mexico in the next month, but fosters / FTAs can borrow, with the understanding of return to Mississauga
  • Tractives: we own/have access to about 24 trackers.  We will be short a few trackers for a few dogs, and will make those decisions soon
  • Dogs will come with one collar on.  We will attach DIBS tag to collar.  We will use slip lead directly on dog.  We are asking for donated leashes to ensure doubly secured.  Harnesses are encourage for foster dogs but will not be available at pickup.  We won’t have dog measurements in advance.
  • masks are mandatory
  • be sure your Tractive is charged.  Bring it with you!
  • be sure your phone is charged (you need to be in the messenger chat)
  • handy in your car – pre-dog – is the DIBS tag, the tractive and clips (leave the whole pouch on floor in front of dog, unzipped), the seat belt (if you aren’t crating).  Be prepared.  Once dog is in your car, it gets clipped in, tag, tractive, etc (unless crated – then this applies to the second they are removed from the crate)
  • I personally plan to leave home once we hear that everything is completed at the airport. I will update the “32” group as I get info.  Know how far you are from the meeting point, so you know your travel time.  Time from the airport to the meeting spot is just 20 minutes.  So, plan to be 20 minutes away, by the time we hear “leaving airport now”. Again, we hope to give real life timelines as they go through the process of importing. NOBODY can be late. Literally – NOBODY!
  • The way i picture it, and this is just pieced together, i could be wrong. There will be 3 vans. Kayla and I may get notice….”Opening up crate # 6 now”.  We will say in the group chat – next up “Kurt, Iker, Allegra”  Those three fosters come to the pickup location, stay in their cars and we will load up the dogs into the cars, clipping them into the car clip that you have already clipped into the seat belt.  (Kayla, wondering if we have time to put tag onto collar too? )
  • That’s as far as i can think right now…..
  • If you have questions beyond what is covered here – please do NOT ping me – use the group chat. (Read all this stuff first tho….)

Anticipated Chaos:

  • There will be multiple dogs per crate. The dogs will be together based on comparability, not based on rescue.
  • The only identifier will be on the collar (typically a paper tag has the dogs name on it
  • There will be a lot of people (leads, fosters, etc)
  • This is new to all of us.
  • If you want to borrow one of the crates, please let us know sooner than later.

How to help with the Chaos:

  • Be on time
  • Be sure to read this info in full and be prepared.
  • Leads will be managing a lot of things at one time (just be aware of that – sometimes people jump in breaking the natural flow of the overall plan)
  • Dogs are NOT to be removed from crates, without 3+ people present (at least 1 person per dog, and 2-3 others to spot the crate). If you open the crate without a plan, dogs will run.
  • Bring a few cleaning supplies. Pup may pee/poop/puke in crate and there may be a bit of mess. (Ideally, you never want to bathe/traumatize dog day 1, but if dog is a total mess, you may need to. Fosters discretion, erring on side of kindness)

You are ready to go when:

  • Dog is in car, with seatbelt on.
  • Slip lead is still attached
  • DIBS tag is on the collar
  • Tractive is attached to collar
  • You have your bag and food in the car (this should have been done prior to arrival)
  • You have vetting package for your dog.
  • We are not expecting meds for any dogs, but making note of this, just in case.

Foster Dog Interaction

  • Tip for when at home – get them outside asap. This MUST be in a secure spot (yard, gates closed, tractive on, etc). Have food and water ready, as they’ve had a long day.
  • Put Tractive on the dog right away. Charge nightly. Tractive is to always be on, except sleep time. Use in house as well as many dogs escape via front door.  Check out “tips” section here:
  • Review vetting materials. Compare age and weight to bio listed in DIBS chat. Vetting may have alternate rescue info on it (perhaps the health certificate). Do NOT include that paperwork in your scan to, and ensure that does NOT get passed along to adopter. If you have any questions about what is needed, check in with Amanda Colgen.

Trackers:  work in progress

Public DIBS website info on Tractive:
Info on DIBS Foster Facebook page: