For those of you keeping track, it’s Monday!
We thought we’d start off our week with an update. At DIBS, we are all doing ok – volunteers and dogs alike. We are down to just 2 dogs available for adoption and the amount of applications for them, has been overwhelming. We find that we are receiving so many applications right now, which is a great thing. People are home more, lives have changed, and that dog that everyone has wanted, has become a real possibility. (Don’t worry, we are screening for real life, not pandemic life) Once Waffles and Jaguar get adopted, that may be it for a while. There are no flights booked, and no dogs getting their freedom ride. Meanwhile in Mexico, things are difficult, as there are no flights booked and no dogs getting their freedom ride. Shelters that have held 75 or 200 dogs, now have to turn away dogs, or double up in their capacity. There are no tourists to feed the dogs, to sponsor the medical care, to volunteer at the shelters. There are minimal funds for food, or other necessities.
Don’t get us wrong – many people are suffering with jobs, home-schooling, illness, and more. We realize that the world is topsy turvy right now, and as a dog rescue, our volunteers do worry about “their” dogs (even the ones they don’t even know about yet).
Each day this week, we are going to feature the 4 main organizations that we work with: The Dog-Go Project, Coco’s Animal Welfare, Riviera Rescue and Playa Animal Rescue. These are all amazing organizations, doing what they can. Like us, they are waiting for some type of normalcy, for the world to open up again, for freedom flights, and for funds.

We all hope that once this pandemic passes, the world can be a better place, and people can continue to try harder, to pollute less, to focus on families, to love their pets, and to help those in need.

Note, many of these rescues can accept funds via paypal or wire transfer. If you want to donate, but don’t know how, we are more than happy to pass your donation along. We can take funds via paypal or etransfer to

Dog-Go Project  Located in Puebla.

Happy Tuesday! Today, we wanted to share a bit about one of our rescue partners! The Dog-Go Project (formerly operated as Backstreet Dogs) is in Puebla, Mexico (a few hours outside of Mexico City). It’s a large city, but feels a bit like a town, with great food, architecture and rich in culture. It’s about 7000 feet above see level, which is great for the dogs, as it’s mosquito and tick free there. Gabiria runs the Dog-Go Project and is a woman that can’t be described. If we had to try, words that come to mind are determined, persistent, fierce, determined (yes, we know we said it twice: it’s warranted). At times we ask Gabi an impossible ask, and she will say “You are crazy” and then 10 minutes later, she will say “Ok, I’m thinking about it” and within a day, she will have an answer, or have it done. She knows that DIBS has high standards and she strives for perfection with all of her rescue partners (in addition to DIBS, she works with many other groups across Ontario and BC) and has developed some really amazing relationships with so many rescue warriors. While saving thousands of lives a year, Gabi has also seen the hardships other countries have and she has jumped in to help others, that have even less resources than she does.

With the effects of COVID resulting in lost lives of so many dogs in Mexico (and other countries), Gabiria continues to plan. She is contacting airlines to see what can be done, and she is planning for the worst. She expect that her main shelter will need to double in capacity from holding 200 dogs to 400 dogs (and when that is full, no idea what to do!) If you want to help Gabi out, she always has something on the go. She is working with Meals for Mutts to have people sponsor food for just one day at the shelter. She runs spay/neuter clinics (all on hold during pandemic) and right now, she is trying to get facilities to expand capacity in the shelter. if you want to donate, you can via this link:…/we-need-to-built-more-cages-and-insol… (Or donate to and make a note for us to pass your funds along. We accept etransfer and paypal)




Coco’s Animal Welfare  Located in Playa del Carmen. They offer vetting to those in need

Riviera Rescue  Located in Puerto Morelos. Matteo takes on the toughest cases.
Playa Animal Rescue  Located in Playa del Carmen.  DIBS takes most of their dogs.