DIBS gets proactive with Tractive GPS trackers!

DIBS stands for Dogs In Better Spots and we’re committed to rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs so they can be placed in their furever homes!  Part of putting dogs in better spots is keeping them safe in their foster homes while they decompress and learn how life works in a loving home as we assess and prepare them for their new families. To help our amazing foster team keep them safe, DIBS has made a huge investment in Tractive GPS trackers so we know the exact location of every DIBS dog in our care in real-time.

If you’ve lost a dog, you can relate to the agonizing heartbreak, stress and guilt.  There’s also the harsh reality of the cost at the same time.  Printed posters, flyers, tape, sheet protectors, bristol board, tools, gas, meals and more – it can quickly escalate in hundreds, even thousands of dollars!

We’ll always be grateful to all who help secure a happy ending for runaway dogs but sadly, a positive outcome isn’t a guarantee.  Some stories end with not getting to them in time.  Some stories never really end at all, the owners forever plagued with thoughts of ‘when do I stop searching?’.

It’s a wonderful life (but)

Arriving at their foster home, a rescue dog has seen a lot of change in a short time.  Air and car travel, a new home, and for some, an entirely new life experience living in an actual house with people, pets and rules.  Even the most highly adaptable and easy-going dog could struggle with this amount of change!

So, we got to thinking – “How can we keep our DIBS dogs as safe as possible while they get used to this lifestyle with their foster families?”  The answer was clear: we needed GPS trackers.  DIBS invested in 30 Tractive GPS trackers for our foster families to use with their new arrivals.  Now, whether our foster dogs are in the back yard, cottage, parks, trails, boat, back seat or under the bed, we always know exactly where they are, in real-time, with pinpoint accuracy.

Furever home – now what?

Now fast-forward to once a DIBS dog has been adopted.  Is a Tractive GPS tracker still beneficial?  Absolutely!  What about regular old family dogs that didn’t come through rescue?  You bet! These past several months alone, we’ve read about dozens of dogs in our immediate area that were in car or boating accidents, spooked by fireworks or thunderstorms, escaped out an open door or broken gate, or just slipped the leash and bolted.  Some have been found.  Many are still out there: alone and at risk.  One of our fosters was recently discussing her experience with the Tractive GPS tracker with an adopting family.  They did the math.  If their new furry family member bolted even once and the new owners spent just $500 on posters, that’s equivalent to 8 YEARS of paying the Tractive app’s monthly subscription fee!

For us, if the worst happens and a DIBS dog bolts while under our care, we’ll know exactly where to look so we can get them home safe as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, our Tractive GPS trackers provide us with peace of mind.  We know our four-legged friends are safe and secure, anytime, anywhere and, for us, that’s priceless.

Keep them safe and do some good

DIBS Rescue recently became an affiliate partner of Tractive.  If you’re interested in checking out the Tractive GPS tracker, please consider using our affiliate link (located on the bottom left of our webpage)  DIBS will receive a small commission from Tractive for each purchase which we reinvest in supplying additional Tractive GPS trackers to our ever-growing team of foster families so we can keep our DIBS dogs safe while we get Dogs In Better Spots!

P.S. If you want to read the specifics of how it works, we do suggest this link: https://dibsrescue.com/tractive-the-101-info/