DIBS is looking to create a new role – Social Media Lead!!!

Don’t get us wrong, we have an awesome team of people helping on the website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok….you name it, we are there!!!  Our social media presence is reflective of who DIBS is.  We are looking for a person to learn our ways, lead our team and inspire us to continue to be awesome!  How we present our dogs to the public is everything:  we need to be honest, share the good and the bad, and let applicants know what each dog is about.  Our team needs to be nimble, updating a bio when a foster provides more information. We really want our applicants to read the bio and only apply for dogs that are a match, so accuracy is key!

A few things to consider, before you apply!

  • This role will be best suited to someone with social media experience.
  • Daily participation is part of rescue life (we seem to always be available)
  • Leader experience / approach
  • Team work – we have an amazing team and each role is valuable!
  • Note – from time to time we have roles for social media team members, to help create and perfect dog bios. This is not that role!

Application to Lead the DIBS Social Media Team

DIBS Social Media is on Facebook, website (word press), Petfinder, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter> This role is to help continue with our awesome content, but to put some structure on the backend. Must be a leader and a self-starter.

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Marcus /Mix/ 5 years / 10.300 kg / Neutered / $700 Background: He was rescued from the highway, he was wandering between the cars at a toll booth. He was filthy and full of dreadlocks. Personality: He is a very loving doggy, he loves humans, he will do everything he can to be with them. He loves to be petted. He loves to cuddle. He is very quiet, he doesn't play with dogs though he doesn't bother anyone: they can be playing next to him and he will just ignore them. Ideal home: A loving family since he loves being surrounded by people. He can be the only one or the second dog at home. He is good on leash. He could be in a house or an apartment, if they don't mind his barking. Cat test will be done this week We are not sure if he knows to go potty outside