A dog bed should be a safe space for your dog.  They can use it for napping, but also just to get away from it all.

We put some thought into buying a dog bed such as what size, will it match my decor and the price, but do we put much thought into where it goes in our home?  This article offers some good tips.

To summarize:

  1. A quiet environment. No front entrance or traffic areas for your pup.
  2. Close to the family.  We kind of agree, but sometimes the dog just wants to get away from it all!  Buy two beds and put one near-ish the family and one more remote. See which one your dog likes, and be sure they have options.
  3. A warm spot
  4. A place chosen by your dog. Watch where they like to hang, and ensure they have a bed there.
  5. Close but not too close.  You want the dog to be on the fringe, not trapped inside a room.
  6. Consider an outside bed as well, if you spend time outside with your dog (Reminder: never leave your dog outside, unattended)


In addition to this, we have a few more tips!

  • Respect this space. This is your dog’s one safe place. Do not allow children/adults to lay on the bed.  If the dog has gone to lay down, let sleeping dogs lie. If you want attention from them at that moment, stay off the bed, or call them to you.
  • Do not feed your dog in the bed: this can lead to them being territorial about the space. If your dog does get territorial about the place, work on training to curb this behaviour. (Your dog shouldn’t be allowed to have any items that they feel the need to guard)
  • If your dog starts guarding their bed, you may need to purchase a less awesome bed for them (rumour has it, a few dogs have become a little too smitten by their cozy doughnut beds)
  • When teaching “place” use a spot other than the dog’s bed.  You could use a cot, a mat, or even a folded towel to teach “place” (And if you don’t know ‘place” its worth teaching it to your pup!)