Personal Reference


Someone in your life has applied for a DIBS dog, and they have listed you as a reference for them.  Please don’t delay, and respond to the following questions.

Thanks for helping out a rescue dog in need!
Once you complete the form, you will get confirmation in 2 ways.  After the form is submitted, you will get an image of a green dog giving you the thumbs up.
You will also be bcc’d on your response.
Please know – all your responses are confidential and are for internal use only.

Personal Reference

Online form to be completed for applicants personal references
  • Applicant Info

  • Note - this is NOT NOT NOT the email address for your friend/family, but for the DIBS volunteer who is screening the applicant. We just want to be sure this gets sent to DIBS, vs the applicant!
  • Tell us about you!

  • Reference Questions