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ADDY – Lab Mix / 9 months / 7 kg / F-Spayed

The DIBS family is devastated to find out about the passing of our beloved Addy. She was from the Mayan Riviera, where she was rescued along with her sister Alex (both named after their rescuers/adopters Adrienne and Alex) The sisters were taken into the amazing Playa Animal Rescue where they were vetted, socialized, loved by Dr Maurico, Jan and the rest of our friends at PAR. In the early days, our very own DIBS volunteer Martha (and Ken) were instantly smitten with the sisters. When it was time to come to Canada, one of our amazing foster moms was so excited to foster her. We have since figured out that Addy was circled by those who loved her most. In addition to Laura, Martha and Ken lived near, as did Adrienne & Alex (the human). Sister Alex was recently adopted and also not too far away. The power of love was all around her! We are certain that Addy felt the full spectrum of love in her short life, it was during her time, here in Toronto Рhanging with her foster mom Laura, her canine foster sis Martina, spending time at the beach, walks, snuggles Рall things Addy.
We were all devastated, when she got out on Saturday evening, and was on the run. Immediately people wanted to help to bring this girl home. We are fortunate to have amazing partnerships with many rescues, and we were joined arm in arm with people with hope for finding Addy. Every day, since Saturday, volunteers have been postering, walking, sharing, hoping and praying…
Today, DIBS volunteer Olivia, got the heartbreaking call from a young man named Quinn. He had her collar, and he had found our girl, resting in peace. We are thankful that he went fishing when and where he did, and that he was able to give us all closure on this nightmare.
There are too many people to thank….to do it right would take days and pages and a lot more tears – but we do want to thank everyone who had their hearts and souls in our search. We are going to name a few, of the hundreds of people helping.
The team at Lost Paws – Barb, Chris and Nicole – we are thankful. We know that we are out of your territory, but you have shown us that when it comes to our partnerships and our friendships, territory is just kms and can be bridged. To quote Amanda – “Chris is a stand up guy”. Nicole was our rock. Thank you team. Our leads – Laura and Jeff – your hearts were all in: thank you for always putting Addy first. To Sarah, Laura’s support system – thank you! Sarah pulled together an amazing team/process/direction to get the word out on our girl! Thank you to you and your team for being out there, rain or shine. The core DIBS team – Amanda, Laura, Kate, Martha, Christine, Julia – your blood sweat and tears are appreciated.
In a terrible time like this, friends and heroes step forward – thank you to you all. Your encouragement, effort, support, and unconditional love is felt and appreciated.
To Addy – run free our sweet girl. Jan, one of your many human Mama’s says that you are one of the lucky ones. We know a lot of dogs don’t make it into rescue, and they don’t get a life filled with treats and kisses and love – so we are thankful that Addy got that, even for a while. At this time, there aren’t the words to express our heartbreak fully, but please know, Sweet Addy, we really really tried. And, know that you will be eternally loved. xox