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2 years 
48 lbs 
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Now Gus! 
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Additional Info:

Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Good with Cats 
Not Required 
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Not yet! 

AGUSTIN- Mini-Shep Mix / 2 years / 22kg / M-Neutered / $500

Everyone who meets Agustín describes him as “perfect”. While that may not be totally true, he’s pretty close! Agustín is a very friendly and playful dog. When he is in the house, he is calm and sweet but is always ready to go outside to play! He loves his toys – chew toys, rope toys, and balls of all sizes. Agustin is non-destructive, house-trained and gets along great with other dogs and feline friends too. He prefers dogs that are his size or smaller with a calm, confident energy. Dog parks aren’t his thing as he may get intimidated by large dogs and not join in the fun.

Agustín is chill and playful in equal measure, but he sometimes gets a little overly enthusiastic with his playful side. For that reason, we don’t recommend kids under 10 – unless they are sturdy and have experience with dogs. Agustín is working on his leash skills and he is a very smart boy (and food motivated!) which makes him a quick learner. And when it’s time for bed after all that play, he snuggles up quietly in his own bed and sleeps through the night – no need for a crate!

An ideal home for Agustín is one with an active family and a house with a secure yard so that he can run and play to his big heart’s content! People are his favourite thing, so a dog pal is not a requirement.

If you are interested in Agustin, please apply at If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (