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1.5 years 
28 lbs 
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Now Alfie! 
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ALGIE – Lab Mix / 1.5 Years / 13kg / M-Neutered

Amazing Algie has arrived! He is eager to show everyone just what a good boy he is. He loves, loves, loves people – once he knows you, he’s all in and has no problem asking for affection (and sniffing your face)!

Algie is already proving himself to be a great listener: he is doing a super job of learning his basic commands (sit, off, down, wait – all the most important stuff!). He’s adjusting so well to the chilly winter and city sounds – he loves an open window. He is very food motivated (slow feeder will be a must!) and treats are his favourite. Algie is a curious boy who likes to observe wildlife, happily plays with his chew toys and greets other dogs nicely. He truly lives to play – he’s getting good at fetch (and dropping the toy when he needs to). He’s active and confident, but he certainly knows the importance of a good nap.

Algie’s house manners are pretty good – he’s quiet and has no trouble with stairs, although he does have some counter-surfing tendencies that his future family will need to help him curb (hey, the kid loves food). He is housebroken and his walking skills are coming along well with occasional redirection!

Algie loves to sniff and explore and will be happiest with a family who can take him for lots of interesting outings so he can explore the world around him. Algie is good with cats – interested, but knows the limits.

If you’d like to apply for Algie, please check out the adoption process and application at His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (