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2 years 
15 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Lilly! 

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AMELLIE – Dachshund Mix / 2 years / 5.3kg / F-Spayed / $450

Friendly – check. Sweet – check. Adorable – check. This little one has it all! Meet Amellie. She was found walking on the streets but has been friendly since she was found.

Amellie is sweet and loving, especially with humans. She loves human company and loves to play with her people. She gets suuuuuuper excited for treats, and bonus: she loves to perform tricks by catching her treats in her mouth. Amellie is good with all dogs, big or small, male or female, she loves to play with them all. But her favourite thing is her person/people, she’s loyal and loves to be by your side.

The ideal family for Amellie is a medium energy one. While she loves to go for walks, she would also love to cuddle up on the couch and watch Netflix with you. It’s all about balance for this girl. She would do fine either as the only dog, or as a second dog in the home. She’s also good on a leash.

We’ll update as we learn more about this girl, but if you’re interested in Amellie, please visit