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7 months 
22 lbs 
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Fun Pup! 
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BAGUETTE – Mexi-Mix / 7 months / 9.7 kg / F-Spayed

So, we know Baguette is an odd name for this cutie, but we have learned that it means “kisses” in Spanish (ok…before you start googling….it doesn’t. But it should!). This little beauty leads with a kiss, with whoever she meets – people and dogs alike. She’d be happy to cover the cat in kisses too, if it allowed her to. We’d love to see her in a home with a secure back yard, people to love all over her, and a dog pal (receptive of her affection). It may be a tall order, but she deserves it all. (Bonus, she is kid friendly too). We know her photo’s can’t tell her whole story, do we do want to point out the is so soft and she is smaller than people think she is (as are her brothers Crosby and Hachi).

She likes to be active, playing out in the yard and going for long walks/hikes, but once she’s got some good energy out, she is perfectly content to snuggle up and relax. Baguette is great on walks, good in the car and is slowly learning the basics. House training is coming along really well (no accidents thus far!) She’s able to ‘sit’ like a rock star, and goes into her crate when told. She’s also fine with cats, so long as they are respectful, so dog savvy cats only!

If you’d like to apply for Baguette, please visit¬†¬†Her adoption fee is $650. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (