CalendarArrival: 8-November-2022

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4 years 
22 lbs 
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Now Bruno! 
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Good with dogs 
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Not Required 
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BARKLEY – Boston Mix / 4 years / 10 kg / M-Neutered

Happy handsome Barkley is here and he does not disappoint! We had his foster mom share some tidbits on him and we wanted to share (word for word!)

SKILLS: “He has mastered sitting, but sometimes he can jump up if you don’t give a treat fast enough, so we’re working on teaching him to stay down for the treat. He is good at going into the crate independently, and it is very easy to settle in it.”

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVOURITE THING ABOUT THEM? “Honestly….nothing! He has been an awesome foster dog so far, and he is a great house guest. No accidents, no barking, no marking or destruction! He looks pretty content to be with his people and have somewhere warm to nap and watch the squirrels in the backyard. He seems interested in squirrels but easily redirects and loses interest quickly once we start moving. He can pull a bit on a leash when excited, but nothing major and nothing some practice and patience wouldn’t help with it.”

WHAT DOES THE DOG LOVE? WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE THING ABOUT THEM? “Barkley LOVES people and loves attention and getting pets! He is very friendly and took no time warming up to my partner and me. He is eager to please and will sit immediately if you go near food. He loves to be near us during the day or evening but is also content hanging on his blanket or bed. He is SO incredibly quiet, and that was not what I was expecting. He is super loving and would love nothing more than snuggling up with someone. Barkley LOVES his DIBS blanket and hasn’t shown interest in toys so far, but he is VERY food motivated and loves treats. He also LOVES going outside and gets very excited when you pick up the leash.”

WHAT ELSE SHOULD WE KNOW? “He has been doing great with our friends dog, but he seems to care more for people than Yukon, but they have played on several occasions, but I don’t know if a dog pal is needed as he seems pretty confident and content on his own and with people around. It would be good to have some social opportunities or plans for him since he loves other dogs, but I don’t see it is 100% that he has another dog”

Foster mom seemed to cover it all! He did pass his cat test in Mexico (check out his youtube videos for proof!)

To apply to adopt Barkley, check out the adoption process and application at His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (