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3 years 
55 lbs 
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Now Roxy! 
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Kid-free home only 
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Good with dogs 
Good with Cats 
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BETTY – Lab Mix / 3 Years / 25.4kg / F-Spayed

Betty (formerly known as Bianca) is available for adoption! She was part of our “foster-to-adopt” program, but it wasn’t a match for either of them. She has the look of love, but don’t let that beautiful face fool you! She can be insecure at times, and is best with a strong, consistent leader. She needs to learn to make good decisions and she will always respond well to guidance from her humans. (For example, if she has a cherished item, and you go to take it from her, you may get a growl. But, if you discuss with her, ask her to sit, and then take the toy, she is incredibly respectful. Trust needs to be established, as well as house rules, for her to be the happiest version of herself. She is very food motivated (hello, lab!!!) so training has been a breeze.

In the theme of respect, she does not appreciate young dogs, or dogs in her face. Her favourite in-house dog would be one that she could ignore! (or no dog at all). She has also passed her cat test a few times over. Her ideal home will have a secure yard, for lounging as well as a game of fetch. Her foster mom predicts she may be a frisbee kinda girl, but we haven’t tried it just yet.
We are also asking for her future home to be kid-free home. Her future humans need to be someone to work with her and showing her the world as much as she wants to see it! A strong leader will help her thrive and be her best self: a little confidence will go a long way.

To apply to adopt Betty, check out the adoption process and application at Her adoption fee is $750.