Blanca Lilia

Basic Info:

2.5 years 
55 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Zelda! 

Additional Info:

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Blanca Lilia – Mexi Retriever / 2 -3 years / 22 kgs / F-Spayed / $450

Well, we think we may have found it.. a true unicorn! Blanca Lilia is amazingly sweet and gentle… she definitely has an other-wordly quality about her. In her foster home, she hasn’t even made a peep; her foster mama almost forgot she was there!

This girl is definitely aware and alert of her surroundings, but the only time she’s shown real excitement is with squirrels. She’s totally fine with her feline foster sibs, but goes nuts for squirrels when on the leash! Despite being super into squirrels, she is good with cats, as well as other dogs, and is fine with kids as well, though older or respectful kids may be best for this sweet girl.

Added bonus: she is housetrained. See, we told you, unicorn! We’d really like to see her in a home with a secure back yard (for sunbathing, of course) and a family who will give her all the love she deserves, and more.

To apply, please email Blanca Lilia’s foster mama Laura at, or visit to apply!