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4 years 
40 lbs 
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Now Noli! 
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CANOLI – Mexi Mix / 4 years / 18 kg / M-Neutered

Sweet Canoli is looking for a home to call his own, where he can give all of his love and affection to his forever family. He is a gentle, calm, and loving boy who wants nothing more than to hang out with his family. He is the type of pup that “leans in” to affection. When you leave the room, he’ll happily await your return, come sit by your side, just reminding you that he is there. Canoli is eager to please and will sit pretty every time if there‚Äôs a chance he can get a cookie. We believe this attentive boy will learn any new commands quickly.

While in foster care, Canoli has equally enjoyed the company of both humans and the resident dog. For this reason, he would likely be ok with or without a dog buddy at home. He also passed his cat test while in Mexico. He has some finessing to do on his manners: he loves food, and may beg (he’d do well with learning “place” during meal times). His foster family feeds him at the same time as human meals to avoid him pleading for more. When he wants attention he may nip or pull at your clothes. Not the end of the world, but direction is required until he learns to wait for affection, vs asking. For this reason, we are asking for a kid-free home for him.

The ideal home for Canoli would include structure and basic training. A fenced in yard is not absolutely necessary, as long as he can go on walks to explore and exercise. He is a quiet and laid back pup, therefore would do well in either an apartment or house environment. So far in foster care, he appears to be house-trained when given the opportunity to go outside. On his first night in Canada, he slept peacefully on his dog bed and did not make a peep all night. Canoli is a very easy-going boy that adapts well to changes. and so we believe he could easily fit in well to any loving home.

If Canoli sounds like the perfect addition to your family, please visit to apply. His adoption fee is $550.