Basic Info:

6 years 
40 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Loves to swim! 

Additional Info:

Older kids only 
Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
Good with Cats 
Not Required 
Activity Level:

COOPER – Spaniel Retriever / 6 years / 20kg / M-Neutered

Cooper is back!!! He was first adopted in January 2017, and was returned to DIBS this week! He is with our amazing trainer, Jenna (Highfives for K9s) and he is rocking it! He has had a few “tantrums” but has righted himself without a lot of guidance from Jenna (and it’s only been two days). He does react when he sees a dog that he doesn’t know at a distance (he will stop, bark, or growl) but with correction he stops. And – he is great with dogs that he meets and makes fast friends.

He loves his outdoor time and has great stamina. And – on Monday’s walk, he demonstrated his love for swimming. He also does well just chilling as well, and can just rest in place or in his crate for hours (yes, he goes in on his own!). A balance of activity and relaxation are what keeps Cooper happy (and any person as well!).

We want the best for Cooper and will prioritize applications with an active lifestyle, calm demeanor, and access to regular swims. He gets along fine with cats and older kids only for this guy.

If you want to give Cooper his change at forever, please do apply at