Basic Info:

10 months 
25 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Loves Playtime! 
Foster Location:

Additional Info:

Older kids only 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Good with Cats 
Activity Level:

DARIO – Lab-Mix / 10 months / 11kg / M-Neutered

Dario is perfectly perfect – nose to tail (and all in between). While he is every bit as handsome as a black lab, he is smaller and a bit more silky soft that a traditional lab mix. Whatever his mix, he is one good looking pup.

For a young pup, he is pretty chill, but he has been coming out of his shell and becoming more playful. With his humans he is polite and is happy to sit by your side waiting for affection. He aims to please and has learned to sit for treats, he retreats to his crate to nap, and he has mastered housetraining! On walks he is still overthinking things a bit. He is watching and trying, rather than just enjoying the wind blow through his ears. But, day by day he is settling in and we think his confidence is just around the corner. In the meantime, we’d want him in a home with an existing dog to show him the ropes. We do suspect he will be playful as well, so pal that is a playmate is ideal for him. In his foster home, his big canine foster sis has been showing him the joy of toys and he is all-in!

He loves love, so attention from dogs, kids, cats – all welcome! We suspect he’d be happier with older kids as the young ones can be a bit much for a dog like Dario. His future home will have a secure yard, be keen on walks and include Dario in dog-friendly adventures.

If you are interested in the unicorn inside, do apply to adopt him check out the adoption process and application at www.dibsrescue.com . His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply. (https://dibsrescue.com/kids-dogs/).