Basic Info:

1.5 years 
25 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Attention loving gal! 
Foster Location:

Additional Info:

Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
Good with Cats 
Not Required 
Activity Level:
Not yet! 

Dottie is a special girl with a special (yet typical) story.  One of the rescues that DIBS works with found her on the way to Zumba class!  Another typical day, with a dog needing help!  When Kelly saw this cutie following her, peeking out from behind cars, Kelly knew Zumba could wait!  Kelly scooped her up, took her for full vetting and instantly contacted DIBS.  One look at that face, and we decided to name her Dottie.
Her instant appeal is visual: one look at her and you can tell she is something special. But, to know her is to love her. She takes her time deciding who to love, so when you have earned it, you will know!  She is very smart – and with abuse her in past, she doesn’t rush into anything.  She will check you out and ensure she’s safe with you.  Then – she’s yours forever!
Her foster mom says “When we first met Dottie on Sunday night, all she wanted to do, was hang outside.  She was super cautious with all of us.  Monday morning, still nervous, hangs around by the back door, but watches us and cautiously waits for pets and face scratches (her favourite thing!).  Now, after being with us a few days, she’s a whole new girl!  Constant tail wagging/thumping and a constant smile on her face.  Sounds odd to say about a dog, but I think she has a good sense of humour.  Something about her interaction makes me think that she is teasing me!  And, last night – we discovered toys!  Her first ever and she’d toss them in the air.  She is sleeping uncrated (yeah housetrained!!!) and had a few toys on her dog bed this morning.  Too cute!”

Thank you to The Snoopi Project for letting DIBS be a part of this girls journey!