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2 years 
25 lbs 
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Sweet pup! 
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GALA – Scruffian / 2 years / 10kgs / F-Spayed / $450

This is Gala’s world and we are just living in it! This sweet, sensitive playful pup gives so much love, that we want to give her exactly what she wants in a family. While she loves her 8 year old canine foster sister, and the cats, her eyes light up when she sees a dog pal that she can play with, and we want to ensure she has this in her life. Her ideal playmate will be her size or smaller, about the same age and plays fair. Gala loves to romp and chase.

With her foster family she is amazing. Very sweet and really easy to be around. She wants to sleep in the humans beds (or a perch of any kind really). She will paw at you a bit when she wants attention, but having a proper canine playmate would help with that.

She has a sensitive side too – her feelings do get hurt, she is afraid of squeaky toys and thunder. She is so kind to everyone and she does get sad when the feelings are not reciprocated. This girl has heart!

If this sweet girl sounds like the perfect match, apply today at or email any questions you may have to