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UPDATE:  We have received so many applications that we are putting a pause at this time. At this time, we are only need need of applicants that meet this criteria:
1. Have an existing dog in the home, or
2. Are opten to a bonded pair


In late March, we are planning to bring 50 dogs into DIBS, and are currently reviewing applications for these dogs. While 50 dogs is a lot for our small rescue, we want to help as much as we can, as so many dogs have lost their lives during this pandemic. To best help manage this quantity of dogs, we are starting the screening process now. We are starting to get biographies and photos/videos for these dogs, and will do our best to understand what is best for them.  And, in order to set expectations early, we expect none (to few) hypoallergenic dogs.

We do have 2 sets of bonded pairs (smaller dogs) within this group.

Sharing a few thoughts as we work through the planning:

  • If people want to apply now, please list dog as “Future” on your application.  Be as detailed as possible and don’t skip fields.
  • If you have an existing application with us, do not reapply/do not change the subject line of the email. Simply reply to DIBS on our existing email thread and let us know your new interest.
  • We adopt within Ontario only. DIBS is primarily around GTA.
  • From our experience, some dogs need a dog pal, primarily the youngest dogs, as they are under-socialized. It is in the best interest of the dog, of the adopter and of DIBS to ensure we set them up for success.  Older dogs may be better on their own.
  • We do not have enough fosters for all incoming dogs, and we will be targeting at least 15 of those dogs to go into our “foster to adopt” program.  If you are interested in this, you need to read more about this on the website (not all applicants or dogs are a match for the program)
  • Once a dog is considered FTA (foster to adopt) we will not review applications for that dog.  Our success rate is very high for these matches.