Lady & Wilson

Basic Info:

2 years 
63 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Bonded Pair! 

Additional Info:

Older kids only 
Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
Activity Level:

LADY – Mexi Brindle / 2 years / 29 kg / F-Spayed
WILSON – Mexi Brindle / 2 years / 29 kg / M-Neutered

Lady and Wilson are a beautiful bonded brother-sister who, due to a very sad change in the family, are looking for a new home. These two are bigger than the typical Mexi-Mix (about 60-70 pounds each) and are friendly, smart and playful. They looooooove to eat. They are currently on a raw food diet. Loving food also means that they are extremely food motivated. This has led to them knowing some pretty awesome tricks. Right now they can do sit, leave it, give a paw, high five, roll over and jump. See? We told you they were smart.

What else can we tell you about this sweet duo? Well, they love to play – whether that’s wrestling with each other, playing with toys, or running around and getting all their zoomies out. They can certainly entertain themselves for a while if they’ve got a good stick to chew on. And they both adorably snore while they sleep – making cute little sounds while they dream.

They are house trained and while they are crate trained, they prefer to laze around on their beds so that they can stretch it all out. They also work well on a leash, though do get interested by what’s around them, so their new family will need to continue this training. What is the ideal home for Lady and Wilson? A family that can devote their time, love and affection. They did pass their cat test in Mexico but have not had any feline interaction since. They haven’t had much kid exposure, but the little they have had has been positive. However, due to their size, we’d recommend older kids only. A fenced yard is not a requirement, provided they get lots of walks and chances to get their energy out.

If it sounds like your family might be a good fit for Lady and Wilson, please visit to apply. The adoption fee for this bonded pair is $600. If you are a family with older kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (