Basic Info:

2 years 
35 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Smart and playful! 

Additional Info:

Other Dogs?
Activity Level:

LEXI – Mexi Mix / 2 years / 16 kgs / F-Spayed / $450

Lovely Lexi is a happy, loving, and playful girl. She’s also very smart and has the basics down (crate training, housetraining, and walking on a leash are all good!) plus she’s got some tricks up her sleeve, like sit, heel, come, and place. While she’s not a “hyper” dog, Lexi’s no couch potato. She’s looking for humans who will enjoy being active with her. If you enjoy long daily walks or would love to have a canine jogging pal, Lexi could be the girl for you.

Lexi’s ideal family will enjoy being active and will live in a home with a secure yard.  While she enjoys playing with other dogs, we think she would be most comfortable as the only dog in the household! She’s had some cat exposure in her life with mixed results (ranging from indifferent to too intense) so cat-free is best for her. Lexi really does enjoy learning with her people so her perfect family will also have an interest in keeping up with her training. While Lexi’s fine with kids, she seems happiest to be around slightly more mature humans (around 12+).

To apply, visit www.dibsrescue.com