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2 years 
45 lbs 
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Real name is Mini Pupp... 
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Good with kids 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal needed 
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Not yet! 

MINNIE – Lab Mix / 2 years / 19kg / F- Spayed / $450

Minnie was one of 76 dogs rescued right before they were to be euthanized. These dogs were living in a so-called shelter but were being starved and deprived of water. If that wasn’t enough, they were beaten on the regular by the rescue worker.

Despite her harsh and violent beginning, Minnie still found it in her to trust humans, albeit a bit at a time. We can’t blame her for being shy after an ordeal like that! And her fear of loud noises and brooms are definitely warranted. This sweet girl just needs a special human to show her true love and patience.

Since coming to Canada, her foster has shared that she is the sweetest girl who loves to curl up on the couch and sleep the day away. And despite the cold weather, she still enjoys exploring outside. She enjoys long walks and is pretty good on the leash! She does need a reminder every now and then not to pull but for a dog who’s never been leashed, she’d doing stellar. While she enjoys walks, she’s also perfectly happy curled up on the couch with her human to watch Shameless, her favourite TV show. She’s still quite shy and needs reassurance that everything’s ok so lots of cuddles would be appreciated! She’s wary of strangers but will come around given some time. Slow and steady is what Minnie needs.

Minnie is completely housebroken and can stay home alone with no issues! She’s not the biggest fan of puppies and young children, probably because of the loud noises and sporadic movement they typically have. She likes to play with calm dogs so if you have one at home, she would love to be a sibling! Due to her shyness, she would blossom in a quiet home without young children if possible. We’re hopeful that Minnie can finally find her forever home where she can finally relax and just be herself!

For more info, please email contact@dibsrescue.com or to apply on this website.