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3 years 
40 lbs 
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Now Rollo! 
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MOYO – Terrier cross / 3 years / 18 kg / M- Neutered / $450

Moyo is sweet, friendly and overall a really chill guy. He is very cuddly and loves to be near his people. His foster family loves having him around as he is so great: he is house-trained and he sleeps through the night. This sweetheart has been a perfect gentlemen in his foster home and has excellent house manners, and he is great in the car. Yes, we know that it sounds like he is awesome at all things! If we have to say one “bad” thing about him, it is that he does shed a bit, so while he may look hypo, he likely isn’t.
He has a past leg injury that gives him a bit of a limp and can slow him down a bit. He does have bursts of energy from time to time, and we’d love to ensure he has a secure back yard, so he can get his zoomies out! He is great with both cats and dogs, so would be fine living with (or without) either. He really does love his people tho, so we are looking for a home with people around most of the time. If there are kids in the home, we’d prefer then to be 12+.
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