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8 months 
10 lbs 
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Now Letty! 

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NIZA – Miniature Schnauzer cross / 8 months / 4.6 kg / F-Spayed / $450

Despite having an owner, Niza was barely surviving alongside 2 other puppies. All three pups were left to fend for themselves on the streets and were finally rescued on a very cold day during a storm when it was obvious that they were not being given the basic necessities of life.

Even though life wasn’t very nice to her at the beginning, Niza still finds joy in everything around her! She has a bubbly happy personality, which really shines when she’s given the opportunity to play with dogs and humans! She is still quite young and has lots of puppy energy in her. Just give her the chance and she’ll hop circles around you! Because of her age, she will need a patient loving family who can show her some obedience basics and give her lots of opportunity to explore and play. And she will surely return the favour with plenty of kisses and cuddles!

If you are interested in having Niza join your family, please apply at or email us at for more details. Families with children should review the information on Kids and Dogs on the DIBS website before applying (