Adopted 2017Status
Fun FactAlways up for helping her human sisters!

Olive (Formerly Love) is doing great in her forever home and she is very very loved!  She is always up for helping on a game of cards and even doing homework!

Update Dec 2016. “Olive is fantastic, she is quite a character and we are loving her personality. She is so playful and loves to cuddle. She is very smart and loves to chew!!! She also loves to ride in vehicles…any vehicle! Her favourite thing is to ride on the four-wheeler with my husband. She sits on it and stares at him until he takes her for a ride! She is taking obedience classes and is mostly doing very well…except she wants to play with all the other dogs:) We are looking forward to the chaos on Christmas morning with her…not sure what she will think of the tree…lol.   Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year”