Basic Info:

3 years 
45 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Sweet Girl! 

Additional Info:

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PERLA – Mexi Lab/ 3 years / 21 Kg/ F-Spayed / $450

Perla was rescued from a life on the streets – she was begging for food, so the pound was called, but luckily she was rescued from euthanasia. She is ready for a new life with a loving family.

She is an independent girl!  She loves nothing more than to hang in her back yard, and take in the sun, fresh air, to smell the air, and on occasion give chase to a squirrel.  A secure back yard if very important to her, so her future family should have one for her.  Perla may seem to be a little shy at first, but will warm right up after a treat or two. She loves humans and she loves to get their attention – she loves full body scratches. She is very smart, obedient and calm and is able to adapt well. Perla is medium energy. 

Perla didn’t show much interest in cats during her cat test. More about this girl as we get to know her. Small kids seem to make her nervous, so bigger kids are a better fit.

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