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6 months 
14 lbs 
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Now Penny! 
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Good with kids 
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Good with dogs 
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SALMA – Mini-Lab Mix / 6 months / 6 kg / F-Spayed

Lovely little Salma is here and she is a special girl. She is smaller than she may appear in her photos, but she is just a baby still, so we do expect her to grow quite a bit more. She loves fully – whether it be people, toys, food, naps: whatever it is, she is all in! (Walks – not on the hit list yet, but we are working on it!)

We think she will fit well into many families, and we do prefer a home where she will get lots of love an attention. She loves to be around her people, and will benefit from some training. So far, her leash skills are terrible and she doesn’t quite understand the concept of “going for a walk”. We realize this is all so new, so for now, she gets lets of walks around the house, and backyard time. She loves to chase toys in the backyard, and she does most of her business outside there. There have been a few accidents in the home, and she does sit by the back door when she wants to go out (and a few times, she has rung the bells – we are sure if it was intentional or accidental, but we celebrate anyway!) She isn’t playing with dogs just yet, but she does get along with them. She is very sweet and we are confident she will be ok with respectful children, dogs and cats. Tiny kids may not be the best, as she does jump up and her nails are sharp.  Secure back yard is a must!

If you’re interested in Salma, please apply at Her adoption fee is $870. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (