Basic Info:

2 years 
45 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Soulful eyes! 

Additional Info:

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SANSON – Mexi-hound mix / 2 years / 21kg / M-Neutered / $450

When Sanson loves, he really really loves his people. Sanson’s gentle, soulful eyes are a mirror of his personality. He has a calm demeanor and is happy to receive affection, but is also content laying by your side. He is neither jumpy or mouthy and knows to sit for treats. He plays fair with other dogs – neither dominant or submissive. He loves a low-key lifestyle – hanging out, great hikes to burn energy, squirrel watching. While he is more than happy to chill, he can get stir crazy if he doesn’t get a great walk in.

He is housebroken and has great manners in the home. He was someones pet for the first 2 years of his life. However, he felt the need to protect his person, as she didn’t establish boundaries in their relationship. He will need to be reminded of his life as a dog, and training will help him understand that he won’t have to protect those that he loves the most.

We picture his ideal home, being a few adults, a nice yard for sunbathing, hikes and lots of belly rubs.

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