Basic Info:

1 year 
18 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Special Needs: Blind. 

Additional Info:

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Activity Level:

Male / Neutered / $425
Breed Guess: Pug
Age: 11 months
Weight: 17Lbs

Snoopy is a sweet cuddly boy. He is blind in both eyes, due to an infection when he was younger. But, he is medically healthy now – just can’t see and has adapted well. He is a happy playful puppy that has learned to use his other senses to get around and have fun. He is fostered with other small dogs his size and does well with the support of another dog that is calm and respectful. Snoopy does follow the lead of another dog and loves his human companion.
His future family needs:
* another dog and older kids that will understand / respect his needs.
* someone home most of the day.
* He prefers to have a familiar fenced in yard to do his business rather than walks. Adopting this sweet little guy the home will have to be Snoopy safe to ensure his safety – baby gate for stairs etc. He is an amazing boy just a little more work then your average puppy but he will steal your heart.

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