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2 years 
55 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Lucy! 

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SPOTS – Dalmatian Mix / 2 years / 24kg / F-Spayed / $450

Spots is here and she is lovely! Her photos from Mexico did not do her justice!. So far her foster mom is finding her very agreeable: good with dogs, people, even snow! At this point, her foster mom is going to take a few days to get to know her and figure out her preferences: Does she need a dog pal? Is she ok home during the day? What really makes her happy!?

She can be independent at times, she rarely barks and doesn’t expect a lot from her people. As a medium energy girl, she needs her walks (she is great on a leash) and also loves car rides.

She does have a bit of a face tick where she opens and closes her mouth repeatedly, at times. We have done full medical and there are no issues: it just is what it is!¬†However, it does cause her to drool, so her future family will want to keep that in mind. Don’t worry, her sweetness makes up for it!

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