Basic Info:

2.5 years 
30 Lbs 
Fun Fact:
Now Chico! 
Foster Location:

Additional Info:

Older kids only 
Other Dogs?
Dog pal preferred 
Good with Cats 
Activity Level:
Not yet! 

SPOTS – Mexi Mix / 2.5 Years / 12kg / M-Neutered

We asked foster mom to describe Spots in 3 words and she quickly came up with “sweet”, “friendly” and “curious”. She is so proud of how far he has come during his time in Canada and his confidence grows daily!

You’ve likely seen lots of videos having a blast in his yard with his foster bro. His twice a day zoomies can only make you laugh and they have a fab time trying to out-race each other. His walking manners are great and he loves to get out and see the neighbourhood and meet new people. He has been introduced to toys too, and the rope toy has been the clear winner (so far!)

What we haven’t shared yet, is his amazing in-house persona. He sleeps in his crate like a champ, has almost mastered his house-training and he and foster mom are working on patience when his food bowl appears. He loves nothing more to hang with his foster humans, and snuggling during TV time has become a daily occurrence. He is great with dogs and he did pass his cat test in Mexico. He can be excited and jumpy, so we are saying no small kids for him, as we don’t want any accidental scratches.

We would love to see him with a dog pal in the home, but if this isn’t an option, we could explore his humans home most of the time, and lots of scheduled canine play dates.  If this handsome guy seems like the pup for you, check out the adoption process and application at His adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with older kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (