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1.5 years 
18 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Named after Stuart Lit... 

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STEWIE – Mini-Mexi / 1.5 years / 7kg / M-Neutered / $450

This adorable little gentleman is Stewie! Is it just us or does it not look like you could put a bow tie on this pup and bring him into the office? No? Just us?

This guy has won the hearts of all who meet him – he loves adults, other dogs, kids, the pizza delivery guy, etc,. The only exception may be the cat, and though, we think they could end up being besties (Stewie is super interested – cat, not so much).

Stewie is quite smart and listens very well. He is crate trained and has only had a couple of accidents in the house. He likes being with you inside the house and will curl right beside you if you have things to do. Maybe a new working buddy?

Stewie’s ideal home is one where he has a playmate – whether that is a dog pal, or children who love to play with him. He loves being outside and has a ton of energy; he doesn’t necessarily need a yard but definitely needs a few good walks per day.

If you are in the market for a new active, loving, smart best friend, Stewie is your guy. To apply, please visit