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1.5 years 
15 lbs 
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Ready for her Second C... 
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TAMARA – Mexi Mix / 1.5 years / 6.7 kg / F-Spayed

Tamara has applications and we are not reviewing any more for her at this time.

You may wonder, why is this little beauty Tamara still available for adoption? Well, shortly after her arrival, we started noticing that she was having issues with incontinence. When she is awake and alert she is fine, but if she napping/resting, she may have a wee accident. We’ve been working with the amazing vets at Beaches Animal Hospital to figure it all out (testing has ruled out UTI, kidney stones, infection). She has started estrogen meds for spay related incontinence and we are exploring to see if that is the solution for her. If it is, it will be daily medicine for life. And even though she is pretty much perfect in every way, a lifetime of meds isn’t what every adopter dreams of.

Ok, so if a little pee hasn’t scared you off, you are still reading, let’s talk about Tamara! She is lovely: everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is timid of cats, good with dogs, and just wants to be her human’s BFF. Her ideal home will have people home with her most of the time. Ideally, she’d love to be outside of a downtown core. She is tiny and finds the hustle and bustle and noise and action a bit overwhelming.

We are hoping to figure out her medical needs soon. This girl has so much love to give, she deserves a forever family of her own!  To apply, visit www.dibsrescue.com