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1 year 
25 lbs 
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Now Taco! 

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TASHI – Spotty Lab/hound / 1 year / 10.5kg / M-Neutered / $450

Tashi’s story is a long one, but with a very happy ending. He was spotted on the side of the highway by a tourist headed to Holbox Island. When the tourist came back days later, poor sick Tashi was in the same spot. He stopped thank goodness and grabbed him, and drove him 2 hours to PAR. We didn’t have room for him, but he was so, so sick, we just couldn’t say no, and found a corner to squeeze him into. His case of mange was very bad, and he was missing most of his fur. His skin was badly irritated and raw. He was terrified of people.
Fast forward to today, and you see our cuddly, furry little Tashi. He loves walks, and is getting good at meeting new people. It won’t be long until lack of trust is part of his distant past. He gets along with other dogs, and will be cat tested this week. He is soft and clean, and loves a good bit of affection.

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