Basic Info:

9 months 
40 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Sweet boy! 

Additional Info:

Other Dogs?
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TIMON – Lab mix / 9 months / 18 kg / M-Neutered / $450

Fun Fact: the Greek meaning for Timon is “he who respects” and we think it applies here! Our Timon seems to be a bit of an old soul, looking for his forever family. When we think of what they would look like, we think a secure back yard, someone home most of the time, looking for a BFF. He really bonds best with one person at a time, so we are looking for someone that has a peaceful homelife.

His favourite thing is his bed, and that spot is even better with some toys (note to future adopters, “durables” preferred!). He loves his walks and sticks close to his people. This new life is all new to him, and he’s taking it all in slowly. He’s a homebody now, but his rescuers describe him as a bit more outgoing, so he has it in him! If there is a dog pal, he’d prefer an older more calm dog. While his canine foster sister is cute, she’s a bit tiresome for him.

To apply, visit www.dibsrescue.com