Basic Info:

4 years 
33 lbs 
Fun Fact:
Loves to learn! 
Foster Location:

Additional Info:

Older kids only 
Other Dogs?
Good with dogs 
Not Advised 
Activity Level:

VAQUITA – Mexi-Mix / 4 years / 16kg / F-Spayed

FOSTER HOME NEEDED! Her foster family loves her to bits, but in house dog has an injury (waiting on diagnosis, but it may be worse), and as Tiegan and Vaquita love to play, V will need to be moved, to give Tiegan the vet-prescribed bed rest.

So here we are! Vaquita is seeking her soul mates!!! As a dog that digs deep into your heart, finding her right people is key!

Who are we looking for?
– Couple, aged 30-50ish.
– Kid free / cat free / chaos free
– Dog pal not necessary. She loves her canine friends, but will be fine with just the right amount of exercise.
– Active peeps who get out several times a day for long walks/hikes. She is quite an active dog (maybe not a runner, but if she was a person, she may be that person you see speed-walking around your hood)
– Foodies – Vaquita is not afraid to turn her nose up at food that doesn’t interest her. She does love a raw diet!
– Work from home schedule as V loves to be with her people
– Outdoor types! Vaquita LOVES being outside and a secured yard is a must. She loves to play with her foster sister, lounge, or get out her zoomies.
– Rural or suburban. No downtown living for this girl.
– Patient peeps who realize that some dogs are quirky! She has developed a fear of storms, and gets quite nervous (she does better with her thundershirt on)

She recently was fostered with our favourite trainer, and Jenna had great things to say about her:
“Vaquita 💚 one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever foster trained! The time we had with her was a pleasure. We loved seeing her true character blossom under structure, exercise, an appropriate diet, and Pack time! Bittersweet to have her move on but I’m super glad she has continued her journey with another likeminded foster family who is enjoying her very much (with her buddy Max and new bestie Tiegan)!”

Like many rescues, Vaquita is not a perfect dog, but she will be perfect for the right people. Those who have been part of her rescue journey truly love her, and she is that dog that will remind people what rescuing is all about. She has a heart as big as any. She wears her heart and her emotions on her sleeve.

If you’re interested in giving her the unconditional love that she deserves, please apply at Her adoption fee is $550.