Hello Foster Parent!

Part of your role is keeping applicants “warm”.  We don’t want this for all applicants, but for the ones that we really really feel could be “the one!”.
It’s important that applicants feel engaged with DIBS.
And, it’s important that foster parents feel that their dogs are going to people they can feel good about.  So, whether your foster dog is here or not, it is good to learn about the people, find out what they like, don’t like, etc.  Once you meet the dog, the puzzle pieces will fall into place, but do take the opportunity to get to know the applicants.

This has been renamed from “keeping it warm” to “touching base” as it more accurately reflects the intended use/results.

Note, if you did the PS for your dog, you can skip this step as we know you have connected!
Reminder – there are no approvals sent, etc at this time.  Do not go into “education mode” – keep it light on boundaries, training, etc.  This is our time to listen!!!  

Please take a few minutes and let us know your thoughts!

Foster call to selected Applicant(s)

We ask that fosters "keep the contact warm" during the screening process. This happens after we have decided that we really like an app....but it's too soon to commit in full yet (either dog is not here, screening is in motion, etc)
  • Volunteer Info

  • Sometimes this differs from the dog they apply for.
  • Before the Call

    We want to call the applicant to introduce ourselves. As the foster parent, its really important that we feel right about where the dog is potentially going. This is a required part of the process.
  • Reminder, if you are thinking of calling before screening has started, it makes more sense for you to do the Phone Screen. Let us know!
  • Could it be a match?

    Call to introduce yourself as DOG's foster parent. State that you just wanted to check in, see if they had any specific questions for you (as you know the dog best)
  • Let us know your thoughts - if there is more screening to be done, we can ensure it's known. Or, DIBS can send email for clarification.
  • Maybe ask something like.... "DIBS volunteers usually work fast with the screening process. What is your timing like?
  • What is the next step for DIBS?