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We do try to cover most questions, before you have to ask them. But, if there is something that you are curious about, please let us know.

Most questions seem to be “how does the process work” which we try to address on our “Apply to Adopt” page.
If you want to know more about a dog, please check out their bio under available or incoming dogs. We try to put all known info into their bio’s.
If you want to apply for a dog, please visit our “Apply to Adopt” page.


Are you interested in one of our dogs?

We try our best to put all info in the dogs bio. If you see a dog that you could be a match, please do follow the details outlined in the bio, and apply!
If you aren’t a match for that specific dog, please do check out other dogs on our site (under both current dogs and incoming dogs)

Already adopted from us?

We love updates! Please feel free to send us photos, stories and progress updates on your new addition. Seeing our former foster dogs living brand new lives with their loving families is our reward. With your permission, we will share your updates with our followers on our social media pages!

We love to see updates in our DIBS Adopters group. Please remember to include the dog’s original name, any current names, the name of his/her original foster parent (if you still remember it) and your permission for us to post.

Do you have an active application with us?

If so, please just reply on our existing email thread that includes your application!  We prefer to continue conversations, rather than starting over. Pro tip: please don’t change the email subject line!  (It’s an email quirk, but we like to keep all of our conversations in one thread, to best maximize our volunteer hours)

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