Our Partners

DIBS works with several rescues in Mexico, where we have an established relationship.  We see cute photos from new organizations all the time, and our heart says "oh yes" but it's not that simple.  Our foundation is based on social dogs, with any vetting needs being met, prior to coming to Canada.  And - we ask for a lot of vetting!  Partners that work with us have been able to meet our requirements - which continue to evolve.  It's an ongoing up-leveling based on experience and a will to succeed!  After all, if a dog comes to DIBS in "ready to be adopted" state, we can work towards adoption and then welcome the next dog into DIBS.
We work slowly to bring on new partners:  we want to know where the rescue dogs come from, quarantine procedures, mandatory vetting, willingness to incorporate the extras, shelter protocols, ability to test the dogs (we try for cat and kid testing as often as possible, but we realize this is sometimes a lot to ask), and getting an accurate bio of the dogs before we select.  This includes a biography, photos and videos.  Once we have the foundation - bring on the cute photos!

Pet Stores

Pet Value - Brampton (Vodden)

Specialty pet store **Pet experts waiting to serve you! Service with a smile every-time 🙂

A place to shop where we love your pets just as much as you


Playa Animal Rescue

What a great organization!  We work closely with the U.S. founders of PAR (Playa Animal Rescue) and their team of volunteers.   PAR has a shelter facility in Playa del Carmen, where they can house as many as  80 dogs.  Their shelter boasts a quarantine area, an on-site vet, and weekly charm school.

Coco's Animal Welfare

Coco’s Animal Welfare is dedicated to reducing and controlling cat and dog populations in Playa del Carmen (PdC) and the Riviera Maya (RM), Mexico, through our permanent clinic facility and mobile spay and neuter clinics throughout the region.


Mi Amigo de la Calle

Mi Amigo de la Calle works tirelessly to save dogs and cats in needs.  They also have hosted spay/neuter clinics to educate locals and to help control the pet population.  

Riviera Rescue

Their Mission:  TO provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals for the purpose of finding permanent suitable, caring and loving new homes.  TO provide assistance and financial aid to reduce ,overpopulation through spaying and neutering programs. TO support a healthy pet community by providing reasonably cost general veterinary services, as well as low/no cost general veterinary services to those unable to afford care for their pets.
TO engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals through education, volunteer programs and promotional awareness.

Backstreet Dogs

Backstreet Dogs works with shelters in Puebla/Mexico City are - helping them find forever homes across Canada.


Top Notch Grooming

Your pets safety and well-being are my main priorities.
I work by individual appointments, ensuring your pet has my full attention while in my care.

She Paints Today

Stacey MacKenzie, DIBS adopter and amazing artist - gives back!  She is offering 10% back to DIBS, for any paintings commissioned via this post.  How amazing to get your pet's portrait!


Esme Rose Photography

Based in Southern Ontario, Esme Rose is a Professional Pet Photographer. Esme Rose photography launched in 2014 and has photographed animals and pets around the globe.

Kara Brown Photography

Based in London, ON, Kara Brown is an amazing pet photographer.  Like many animal lovers, she donates her time to help animals in need!

Foundations and Organizations

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Our team's energy and enthusiasm for our products, our customers and our pets is what sets us apart in this competitive industry. We love what we do and it shows not only in our products, but also in the way we build relationships with our customers.