There are several steps to applying for a dog with DIBS (and most rescues)

1. Application is received
2. Phone screen
3. Reference checks
4. Home visit
5. Approval
6. Adoption (Meet & Greet can happen any time after step 3 is complete)

We are looking for volunteers to complete steps 2 and 3.

Once approved, we will ask that you jump in and do your first phone screen within a few weeks of joining DIBS!

NOTE:  If you have a current application with DIBS, lets pause and revisit this post-application process.


  • excellent verbal and written skills
  • ability to work with a team
  • great time management
  • access to MS Word (Mac is fine too, as we can save into .doc files)
  • discretion and professionalism ability to assess verbal and non-verbal cues in a conversation
  • be on Facebook

If this is you, please apply!

Application to be a DIBS phone screen volunteer

We are looking to grow our team! Our expectations of screening volunteers is that you be proactive. Jump in when you are available to screen. Ensure completed screening is sent in immediately. Once you sign up for screening an applicant, you are their advocate to ensure their application is screened and submitted in a timely manner.

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