DIBS is looking for a “Flight Lead” volunteer.  When we have incoming flights, we typically have a lead person, that gathers supplies, interacts with the flight parent, and ensures all dogs are safely handed off to the foster parents.  We have lots of experience and protocols in place: we just need a lead!

Many roles at DIBS are virtual, but this is a hands-on / location matters role!

The time commitment depends on the number of flights we have per week. Some weeks it may be zero flights. Other weeks there may be three!  (Note, we do want to empower our foster parents to take on this role from time to time, and our Flight Lead can help prepare them)

Requirements for the role:

  • Close proximity to Pearson (Mississauga is ideal)
  • Ability to go to Pearson airport for incoming flights
  • Gather supplies for DIBS fosters and bring to the flight pick-up
  • Ability to learn the processes and follow guidelines (we have safety protocols in place, to ensure the dogs are secure and safe)

Flight Lead

Volunteer Role for Incoming Flight Lead
  • For this role, supplies will need to be gathered in advance, either solo or with the help of other DIBSters. The lead will need to always be on time (or early) for flights to ensure fosters get their supplies.