Social Media Role

At DIBS, we like to have a dynamic team working on our social media, with the focus being on the dogs bios!  It is the role of the social media team to work with the foster parents to be sure the dogs true personality comes through (the good, the bad, and the unique).

We are looking for someone to join our social media team.  Time requirements could be an hour a day, or it could be 5 minutes 10 times a day, so someone who has ready access to technology is ideal!  Rescue is every day (weekends too) and at times, requirements will keep you hopping!  Other times, it is quieter (but not always for long!)
We need someone to understand the importance of this role, in helping to find the best forever family for each dog!

Currently, we have great a great set-up and processes in place:  we are not looking for changes there (Steps are documented and selected volunteer has reference files for review).

We are  interested in a person to become entrenched in the day to day, and understand which dogs need applications, which dogs need a bio revamp, working with foster parents to extract important info, change status of dogs to start/stop incoming applications. This leader would be integrated with the core team, and with the big picture in mind, be able to lead the marketing of the dogs.  Potential adopters rely on the information that this team provides, and the detail is key in obtaining relevant and successful applications.

Who are we looking for?

  • Proactive
    • Update new dogs as rescuers bring into rescue
    • Determine and edit which dogs need bio refresh
    • Include new info/photos as fosters present it
    • Integration as part of the executive team to make decisions, determine updates, take ownership of the role.
  • Tech Savvy
    • Be able to learn  and navigate Facebook, Word Press and Petfinder
    • Internet accessible – often online and can make occasional updates in a timely manner
  • Nimble
    • Sometimes a quick update is needed!!!
  • Marketing minded
    • Be able to update bios to reflect true personality
    • Professional in communication style

If you think you could be an asset to our team, please apply here:

Application to be part of the DIBS Social Media Team

Social Media role spans the use of Facebook, website (word press) and Petfinder. The role is to be part of a duo, so being able to work as a team is key! Self-starter attitude is a must!
  • Brutus /Mix/ 5 years / 10.300 kg / Neutered / $450 Background: He was rescued from the highway, he was wandering between the cars at a toll booth. He was filthy and full of dreadlocks. Personality: He is a very loving doggy, he loves humans, he will do everything he can to be with them. He loves to be petted. He is very quiet, he doesn't play with dogs though he doesn't bother anyone: they can be playing next to him and he will just ignore them. Ideal home: A loving family since he loves being surrounded by people. He can be the only one or the second dog at home. He is good on leash. Cat test will be done this week We are not sure if he knows to go potty outside