We always think of dogs needing escorts to come to Toronto, but we also need travelers going to Mexico, to return crates and deliver donations to rescues in need.
We do ask vacationers to take items south with you!

Items normally sent:

  • Used crates being returned to rescue org for re-use
  • Donations of dog bowls, used linens, dollar store collars / leashes / toys. Generally don’t send treats as beef can’t be imported
  • Items returned to pet stores (otherwise to be thrown out – have no value)

How it works with DIBS:

  • If flying Air Canada or Air Transat, we can order the waivers for you to take items for free.  If WestJet, we do not order in advance: requests are made at the airport.  Interjet, we order in advance, and pay a fee of approximately $35 per item.
  • Always a lot needs to go, but we try to limit 2 stacks of crates and 2 duffels per traveler. (2 travelers could take 4+4).  Each stack of crates is generally 50lbs/21inches tall, and 2 stacks can fit on a Pearson Airport cart.
  • On travel day, we will meet traveler curb-side (pole 43 typically) with items to go. (A bit of coordination is needed, and we suggest adding 30 minutes to your check-in time)
  • If check-in assistance is needed, we can to that too!

Checking in:

  • You will have an email that says you are approved to bring items for free, on the flight (unlike the dog waivers, it’s just an email – not a PDF). Agents seem ok with the process some of the time. If there is hesitation, ask for a supervisor and show the email.  Your reservation should have a note on it that explains the waivers, but not all agents seem to be able to locate this detail.
  • At check-in, your bags personal bags and donation bags will be tagged and sent
  • You then need to take the carts over to “oversize” and have them scanned thru a larger machine (hence the 21inch height).  On occasion, agents may ask you to un-tape the crates, let them know that they will fit (there is no need to do this, but some agents insist!)

In Cancun:

  • All luggage – yours, donations, duffels – all come off the same luggage carousel area
    • Terminal 3 – as soon as you get outside, turn left, and proceed to the turnstile, that is as close as the people meeting you can get.
    • Terminal 4 – there are two exits to the outside. One for ground transport, one for friends and family. You will pick your exit depending on who is picking up the items.  If our rescue partners are picking you up – take “friends and family”.  If we have arranged for transport with CARM, take the exit for “ground transport”  (CARM has photos to give you an idea of what you will look for:  http://www.cancunandrivieramaya.com/blog/terminal-4-airport-scams/ )

Thank you!!!