Adopted 2017Status
Fun FactThe one with the ears up!

AJAX – Mexi-Mix / 10 months / 10kg / M – Neutered / $450

Ajax has his Mommie’s ears! Charm and playfulness all wrapped up in a small package. He knows to sit for treats, and has started walking nicely on leash. He is medium energy, and loves attention! His foster mom is having a blast with him – he loves cuddles and sprinklers and play time. She says walks aren’t his favourite thing (brother Thor agrees!) but he is more than happy to zip around his back yard and play. He is learning so well and his foster mom thinks he is incredibly smart. (DIBS has decided all of these brothers are!)

He is good with cats and dogs and kids! He will be great in most family situations, but like his brothers Thor and Zephyr, he benefits from having people with him more often than not.

For more info, email his foster mom Donna at dlw525@hotmail.com or apply at www.dibsrescue.com