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2 years 
35 lbs 
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Fun Baxter! 

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BAXTER – Scruffian / 2 years / 15 kg / M-Neutered / $450

We got a great update from Baxter’s foster mom and the worst thing she can say about him is “wow, that guy loves to play!!!” This statement can only make Baxter fans smile, as he is joy personified (dogified?) He has an amazing energy about him that draws people and dogs to him. His foster mom/trainer have been working with him, to better help him give himself a bit of downtime too. He did arrive at her home with a few bad habits, those were ironed out within a day. That is record time, and we know this guy aims to please!

Foster mom says he has been incredibly respectful with people, dogs, and that he is fantastic on walks! He really gets along with everyone and playing is his favourite thing(aka high energy pup!). While he loves cats, you don’t want to be a cat living with him, as his play style can be a bit tiresome to the majority of felines. As a result, we are suggesting cat free for him.

Such a handsome, charismatic guy! If you think you can keep up to him, please apply at