Fun FactHappy puppy!

BIRDIE – Chihuahua cross / 8 Months / 6.4kg / F-Spayed / $500

Birdie is the epitome of the small dog with the HUGE personality. She’s a happy, loving, comical, and super playful puppy! She would love nothing more than to spend all day frolicking with her buddies, whether it’s kids, dogs, or really anyone willing to play! Give her a chance to show off her exuberance and you’ll get to see how she turns into Tigger and starts hopping around like her legs are made of springs. She does have a big ol’ lovey-dovey side, too, and is super happy to be cuddled and petted.

Because of Birdie’s zest for life, we ask that her family be a patient one who can teach her basic obedience and how to better utilize her jump-for-joy energy. She already walks really well on leash and would adore being taken on lots of family outings. Since she gets along with absolutely everyone, human and/or dog siblings would be just wonderful for her! Once she arrives in Canada, we will assess her compatibility with cats.

If you would love to have Birdie join your awesome family, please apply at If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply (