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1.5 years 
33 lbs 
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Now Tula! 
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Brandy – Scruffian / 1.5 years / 16kg / F-Spayed

Introducing Brandy! This lovely girl had spent her life (as we know it) living outside of a convenience store begging for food and hoping for a new chance at life. When it was noticed that some humans weren’t kind to her, she got scooped up into rescue and now we get to be part of finding her forever family.

To say she is appreciative is an understatement. While relatively new in Canada, she can not get enough of her dog bed, luxuriating in the plushness while rolling around and smiling. She appreciates the gentle hands of her foster parent and will lay her head on their lap or boop for affection: it’s like she knows that she is with good people. She does flinch at fast movements or can be wary on the street, but we don’t blame her. With food, she is still in the devouring stage, which is not abnormal for a new Canadian. This will pass, and in the meantime, we take full advantage of this time to train with treats/kibble as a great motivator. Leash skills are a solid B and her love of walks and snacks are helping her learn to walk by her foster peeps side. She may be better suited to life outside the busy city streets, as she does startle a bit with downtown Toronto traffic. As she does love a yard, we are looking for her home to have a fully fenced yard where she can explore, play, and enjoy the outdoors. She’s good with other dogs and dog-savvy cats but could also be a solo dog in the home.

As she is so polite in the home, we haven’t crate trained her. She arrived house-trained, which makes us wonder if she had a family at one time. She is non-destructive, polite and generally a good girl. She does love to hang with her humans, so her ideal home would have people home lots of the time. While she isn’t a Velcro dog, she does enjoy knowing friends are near.

Brandy is a beauty inside and out. If she sounds like your missing piece, please check out the adoption process and application at Her adoption fee is $750. If you are a family with kids, please check out our resources on kids and dogs before you apply. (